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Crostini with Balsamic Figs and Cashew Cream Cheese

Class it up! These sexy little apps are delish. These ingredients make for a tasty combination! Crostini Cashew Chive Cream Cheese Balsamic Picked Figs Microcress   Advertisements

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Spicy Edamame

Looking for a quick and healthy snack with a punch? PUT DOWN THE SPICY NACHO DORITOS. Steam some edamame, toss with a little bit of your favorite hot sauce (we prefer sriracha), sear for less than a minute in a hot pan, serve it up and continue channel surfing, guilt-free. Except for the channel-surfing part. […]

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Creamy Oatmeal Fruit Shakes

Ever over-estimate how much oatmeal you’re going to eat in the morning? It’s easy to look at that pot of boiling water and add just a little too much oat to your meal – but don’t throw out the leftovers! Save leftover oatmeal to use as the base for this creamy dairy-free oatmeal fruit shake […]

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