The Only Kitchen Tool You’ll Ever Need

…besides a Vitamix. And maybe a knife. Perhaps a spoon. And you might want a pot of some sort. Fine… One of The Top 5 Kitchen Tools You Probably Should Have (but you have to admit the original title is way catchier).

Mushiki is the steam basket used in most all WHF recipes.

The bamboo steam basket, or mushiki (literally: steam-vessel), is one of two types of traditional Japanese steamers. The other, not pictured here, is a seiro (“steam basket”) which is rectangular and much larger.

They can be stacked on top of each other so that the steam can cook many different servings simultaneously, saving time and burner space. These steamers cook up your veggies in minutes, making cooking quick and simple (always our goals).

The best part is that a mid-sized 10″ two-level basket will cost you around $12 at your local Chinese market or you can find them online on for less than $20. Cleaning is simple, just knock out any bits of veggies that are left after steaming, rinse if need be, and let air dry. No dishes!

They come in various sizes, so when buying make sure that they fit just inside your pot, as pictured above. Happy healthy steaming!

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